Adding Plants and Value to Your Home with Landscaping

Adding Plants and Value to Your Home with Landscaping
September 14, 2016 Rowan Stennis

Selling Your Home

When people are getting ready to sell their home there is a big focus on cleaning up the interior and making sure that everything looks perfect.  More often than not though, people ignore the most important aspect of their home, which is their front yard.

You have probably heard the term “curb appeal” which refers to how your home appears from the street.  This is where your landscaping choices play an integral role in affecting the value of your home.

e1How much value landscaping adds to your home seems to be a statistic in debate.  Some sources claim as much as a 150% return in value for every dollar you spend in landscaping. Where other sources claim a more conservative estimate of spending 5-10% of your home’s value on landscaping returns 5-15% of that value.

Others caution that excessive landscaping may even lower the value of your home as potential home buyers may see the maintenance of the yard as a chore they want no part of.

As with any major home redesign project it’s best to do some of your own research and find out what the likely return on your value is going to be, because individual results may vary.

If you are still set on landscaping here are some real ways that a little bit of work on your grounds can help with the function and value of your home.


Other than looking nice trees do perform a magnificent service for the home.  When planted on the eastern and western sides of your home, trees can help reduce your summer cooling costs by as much as 15% with the same reduction in winter heating costs achieved by creating a windbreak of trees on the windward side of your home.

When planting a tree in your home take care where it is located.  Smaller or dwarf trees should be planted at least 3 meters from the foundation of your house with larger varieties being planted at least 20 meters from the home.  This helps prevent the root system from growing into your foundation which can easily transform your dream landscape into a homeowner’s nightmare.

Choose a breed of tree that is fairly low maintenance.  The upfront costs of adding a tree can be pricey though, although that price often depends on the age of the tree. But Jody Kriss says that it’s a small price to pay compared to the value it adds to the property.

Flowering plants

By creating a small curbside garden of flowering plants you immediately create an attractive curbside appeal to your home.  As the human eye tends to be more easily drawn towards color diversity, try to mix up your selection.  Pick local and seasonal varieties and make sure they aren’t very aggressive or invasive.  An eco-friendly garden is much more appealing to potential buyers.

Truthfully a colorful curbside garden won’t do much for increasing the actual value of your home.  The real contribution though is that it catches the eyes of passerby’s and increases the likelihood that a potential home buyer will be interested in your property.  It’s like free advertising for your home and that is its own reward.


Adding some decorative shrubbery to your landscape further increases the attractive appeal of your home.  However, care must be taken with these plants.  Shrubberies should be planted at least one meter from the home to protect it from root growth.  They will also need to be pruned and trimmed, as wild growth and dead branches will quickly create an unattractive look for your home.

Shrubberies can also act as a sort of fence, and depending on the height, may even offer a layer of privacy that can add to the potential value of a home.  Different varieties of shrubs have their own differences in durability, adaptability, and desirability.  Some varieties may even be rather valuable, especially if they are maintained and kept healthy.

Improving your home’s landscape design will help increase the curb appeal of it, but be careful not to overdo it.  Potential home buyers may find the design attractive, but could be scared off when they realize how much work it would be to maintain it.

If you are considering adjusting your landscaping do so well in advance of when you plant to list your home for sale.  A well developed and maintained landscape adds layers of appeal and value over one that has been hastily assembled. Real Estate Developer Jody Kriss says this is the way to to truly increase the value of your property.

You’ll definitely enjoy a greener field and one that gives you a real breath of fresh air.


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